Manna & Melissa Fisher (Owner)

Hi there!  I'm Melissa a long time avid animal lover and the owner of Pet Sitter Patrol. Prior to starting Pet Sitter Patrol; I used to struggle on deciding what were the best options for my dog Manna from Heaven and my cat Bootsy.  Some days I would feel terrible going to work especially as I backed down the driveway watching them peer hopelessly at me through the window.

When it came to planning anything; especially vacations they were the most important thing on my mind.  Sometimes I'd make up excuses and decide not to go out or take a vacation at all for fear of leaving them behind in an unfamiliar place. When I did decide to go on vacation I would constantly think about them.  In the end, I realized this wasn't a sustainable happy way of life for either of us.

I tried so many different options when it came to making travel arrangements.  I tried the neighborhood kid who sometimes didn't show up, I hated bugging my family and friends to do it. Who wants to feel like a burden? I even took Manna to various doggy day cares and pet lodges (including the most fancy and expensive ones;) only to have him come home completely exhausted, stressed out and sleeping on end for days. I thought to myself there has to be a better solution!

In the end, I found that using a pet sitter was the best choice for me.  Having Manna and Bootsy stay together in the comfort of our own home was wonderful!  When I'd arrive home Manna was so much happier then when I had gone on previous trips. Plus I didn't have to coordinate his pickup when returning home!  I couldn't tell you how nice it was to have him waiting at home with a big smile on his face when I opened the door.  

Searching for the right Pet Sitter who would cater to all my whims proved to be more difficult than I had anticipated.  One concern of mine was I didn't want multiple, random pet sitters coming and going as they pleased.  I wanted an assigned, trained, reliable Pet Sitter just for us! I wanted someone to put all my fears to rest so I could finally fully enjoy myself on my trips.

I came across many companies all with their own "pet flavors,” But I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for.  I wanted the best!  This is how Pet Sitter Patrol came to be.  I realized it could be done better!  So that's what I did.  I've created a one of kind personal pet experience.  The way I see it is we become almost like an extended family member.  Creating a bond and having the priviledge to take care of someones pet is a very important responsibility and honor.

Our pet services are impressive but what separates us from the pack is the love and care we give with every pet service.  We go beyond in every way to ensure your babies are having fun and you are worry-free on your trip.